Ausjet 200XL 220XL non-OEM new 4-Ink Cartridge Set for Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro

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Ausjet (Set of 4) non-OEM Ink Cartridges alternative for Lexmark 200XL, 220XL for use in OfficeEdge Pro  

LEXMARK OEM PRICE $225.00  ** Save up to 15% extra with our 2+ deal **

100% Money Back Guarantee :: Choose ANY combination

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What's in the package

  • 1 x Cartridge Set contains these 4 non-OEM cartridges (Standard set) -
  • 1 x 200XL (same as 220XL) Black, 82ml
  • 1 x 200XL (same as 220XL) Cyan, 32ml
  • 1 x 200XL (same as 220XL) Magenta, 32ml
  • 1 x 200XL (same as 220XL) Yellow, 32ml
      • Order 2 Sets for more discount and NO extra postage
      • Choose ANY combination.  Just send us a message with the cartridges you prefer, at the time you place your order.
      • An order of 2 or more will contain cartridge pairs (if available) with guaranteed different chip serial numbers. Always use Cartridge "A" first. This helps ensure our cartridges remain compatible with your printer.
      • Note: If Ausjet brand is temporarily unavailable, we will send a replacement of equivalent yield and quality.  

      Equivalent OEM (Original) Cartridges

      • Black - 200XL / 220XL, 14L0174A
      • Cyan - 200XL / 220XL, 14L0175A
      • Magenta - 200XL / 220XL, 14L0176A
      • Yellow - 200XL / 220XL, 14L0177A
      * Please note: 200XL and 220XL are the same cartridge.
         220XL is generally marketed in Asia/Pacific and 200XL in America/Canada

        Compatible Lexmark Printers

        • OfficeEdge Pro4000, Pro5000, Pro5500
        Note: Printer Firmware and Cartridge Compatibility
        • Our cartridges use the latest available electronic chip, compatible with the version of printer firmware/driver current at the time of manufacture.
        • We recommend you SWITCH OFF automatic updates to the printer firmware and driver (refer printer manual), and also do not run manual updates, while you are using generic cartridges.
        Installation Tips:
            • Avoid mixing original and generic cartridges - use either one set or the other.
            • Always change cartridges with the printer turned ON, and follow prompts to ensure cartridge is detected.
        • Note: Please check your manual to ensure you purchase the correct cartridges for your printer.

        Key Benefits

        • Ausjet ProColour premium cartridge for sharp, bright and long lasting prints
        • Top quality casing, electronic chip and inks.
        • Reliability - significantly lower failure rates than "No-Name" cartridges
        • Value for Money - filled to same or higher ink level than equivalent Lexmark original. 
        • Ink is resistant to smudge, highlighter, UV and water
        • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: - We will refund, replace or provide credit for any defective cartridge sold by us. This includes non-compatibility caused by auto-updating. See our Returns Policy for details.


        • Tested for reliability against equivalent OEM cartridges.
        • No skimping on ink. Many ProColour cartridges contain more ink than others, giving better value and more prints.
        • Ausjet ProColour cartridges use ink from quality sources, and as close to OEM specifications as possible.

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