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Some common questions and answers to consider when using ink or toner cartridges, for your inkjet or laser printer.

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Which INK and PHOTO PAPER ? - Compatibility Matters!

Q. Colours on my inkjet print look faded, smudge easily when touched, and take hours to dry. I'm using the correct settings, and there's nothing wrong with my new inkjet printer. Please explain?


A. It's most likely your new printer cartridges use pigment-based ink, but your photo paper was designed only for a dye-based inkjet printer.

For more information see our Guide to Ink and Photo paper Compatibility.




Q. I am interested in Dye Sublimation printing at home. What kind of printer, inks and paper is ideal for beginners and hobbyists ?


A. The non-professional or beginner, starting out to purchase sublimation paper and equipment for a home printing setup, will usually be expecting to produce reasonable results for a minimum cost. Professional grade hardware, paper and ink is not necessary.

For more information see our Guide to Dye-Sublimation.



INKJET vs LASER PAPER - What's the Difference?

Q. I want to purchase paper for my Laser printer. I have noticed your "multi-function" paper can be used in both inkjet and laser printers. How is this possible ?


Q. Which paper is best for my Laser printer - general purpose paper or laser paper? Does it matter which one I use?


A. It's generally true that for optimal print quality and safety, only inkjet paper should be used in inkjet printers, and laser paper for laser printers. Two exceptions are possible - uncoated copy paper , and specially coated multi-function paper.

For more information see our Guide to Inkjet and Laser papers.




Q. The generic ink cartridge I bought from you is not working, or not recognised by my printer.
Is there something I can do to get it working, or will you send me a replacement? Please help!


A. Non-recognition of generic cartridges sometimes happens. Very occasionally the electronic chip can be faulty, but more often it is not a defect, but rather a matter of getting the cartridge to “talk” to your printer.

For more information see our Guide to Inkjet troubleshooting.


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